Policy Projects

Free the Facts is divided into policy projects. Each project includes presentation materials, a college tour, and reform competition.

Our current focus is on four programs: Social Security, Medicare, Student Loans, and Pensions.

Unbiased information for a new generation

Each policy area we tackle faces serious challenges, and the burden of fixing them will fall squarely on young Americans. Our policy projects are designed to help young Americans prepare for that challenge by becoming better informed and more motivated to act.

Social Security Social Security

Today, the Social Security Administration spends about $942 billion a year, however it only takes in $928 billion in tax revenue. Does that sound sustainable? It isn’t. Question is, what does this mean for you…

Medicare Medicare

Social Security is on track to go bankrupt. But did you know that Medicare is the real threat to our financial future? It is on course to become the largest and fastest growing entitlement in the country. See what you can do to keep costs under control.

Student Loans Student Loans

Forty million Americans now owe $1.2 trillion in student debt. Who is borrowing this money? How does it affect other parts of our economy? What kind of public policy solution could get student debt under control?

Pensions Pensions

Today, unfunded pension liabilities are on track to bankrupt major cities and lead to big benefit cuts for retirees. Some experts believe America’s pension problem will trigger the next economic recession.