Free the Facts is touring the country, visiting colleges and universities with a team of policy and communication experts to bring students the facts. Each tour covers a wide spread of colleges and addresses different public policy problems that are widely debated, but frequently misunderstood.

What to expect

What can I expect if I invite you to my campus?
Our events are 60 minutes in length. The first 20 minutes is a presentation that provides enough information for a discussion. The other 40 minutes is a Q&A-style, student-directed conversation.

What else can attendees expect?
They will be able to talk with experts and form their own opinions, access interactive tools, craft their own solutions, and apply for our leadership programs and competitions.  Also, we give out food, awesome door prizes, and swag.

Have you done a lot of these events?
We have met with over 1,500 students across the country. We are happy to connect you with some of the past organizers from the campuses and organizations below to get their perspective.

Invite us to your campus

Interested in learning more about one of our topics? We will come to you. Our college tours are typically done in the fall and spring semesters. Invite us over, and we’ll add you to one of our tours!

Going to be in Washington, D.C. this summer? We host events – with free food! – for interns in our nation’s capitol.

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